Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

I love giving gifts especially when I am able to get creative with them. Creating a gift aesthetic for someone and basing a majority of the items off that is what I enjoy most. The items I have listed down below are following those guidelines. I tend to think of a theme of products and then curate a guide off of that. All the items I list are trending but also items I would personally give to someone or want for myself!

I hope this helps you this holiday season whether it be a list to show your significant other to use as reference or help spark gift ideas for a friend!

Take advantage of the current sales happening along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner! Most of these products are currently on sale!

  1. Nap Loungewear Pajamas – comes in multiple colors but I added a few colors perfect for the holidays! 
  2. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask – absolutely love this jet lag mask. Summer Fridays uses clean ingredients and is perfect for any skin type. I have multiple products by SF and added a few down below!
  3. Oval Flat Ray-Ban – classic glasses 
  4. Chanel Hand Lotion – I always have this cream in my purse and take it traveling with me. It is so moisturizing & smells divine. 
  5. Apple Airpods
  6. Coach Earmuffs – I have these earmuffs and adore them. They are so soft, beautiful, and sleek. 
  7. Apotheke Charcoal Candle – I was gifted this candle earlier this year and it is by far one of my favorite scents. If you like dark, woodsy, musky scents with a touch of elegance – this candle gives just that; think sexy log cabin. It is different than most candles you will experience on the market and has an elevated look to its packaging and appearance making it the ultimate gift experience. 
  8. Ideal of Sweden Laptop Case – this braided laptop case is sleek and perfect for the girl who is taking care of business. The case also comes in a beautiful light camel color. 
  9. Slip Pillow Case – I have been learning more about how beneficial silk pillow cases are for our hair and skin. 
  10. Jane Bootie – super chic boots are always a winter necessity you can’t go wrong with. 
  11. Anthropology Mugs – Super cute first or last name initial mug
  12. Dior Eye Patches – self-care maintenance gifts are always appreciated, especially by Dior!
  13. BREDA Jane Watch –  Beautiful and elegant watch that will go with any outfit. 
  14. Ugg Boots – these boots are back in again! I remember loving my tall Ugg boots back in high school, but now the mini, ultra mini, and platform Uggs are trending. 
  15. Studio Coach Purse – Coach really has elevated their designs. I have been loving the brand 




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