Touch of Vintage

I have been into vintage editing lately. My style & home decor do seem to have that vintage flair to them. I want to take detailed photos of my room soon to show you all!

I have been so proud of my blog recently. The numbers are starting to speak for themselves. Each post I make won’t always be revolved around products and sponsored posts but just to straight up share my creativity with my ever evolving style and editing techniques. Some posts will just be to encourage you all and some to get to know me better.

I appreciate everyone who has supported me thus far in making my dreams come true. Sharing my art through photography and photo editing is truly one of the things that make me happiest in life. I am also beyond blessed to have my husband who makes my vision become a reality and wants to see me pursue my passions.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to my readers and spread some happy thoughts and positivity through these difficult times.

Hope you are all staying safe,



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