I’m so thrilled to be in a collaboration with MVMT! If you haven’t heard of them by now, here is your chance! The motive behind the brand MVMT is to bring you luxury looking watches for a budget friendly cost. They blew up on instagram not too long ago & since then, everyone has raved about their products and prices. My husband & I have had pieces by them already, which made this collab so much more exciting to me. MVMT has men and women’s watches, along with sunglasses, jewelry, and their line of Everscroll glasses (blue light reflective). MVMT typically has 10% coupons on their site, but they gave me a 15% off code for you guys: DGABRIELE15 – use this at check out or you can also click on this link:

I will link each product that I mention in this post along with the tool I used to take out watch links. Please take advantage of this discount code!

also – I haven’t been able to find my exact Coach bag on their site anymore, but I will link similar ones on my LTK photo (you can find my LTK photos on the right side of my blog’s homepage titled, “Shop the Feed”). Coach is having 30% off selected items right now during the month of March with code MARCH30!


I love the look glasses can give you! I am very thankful to be given the eyesight that I have, but I still think the look of glasses is so cute! These Everscroll glasses by MVMT were perfect for me since they have no magnification in the lens & they also reflect the blue light that can hurt our eyes by staring at computer or phone screens all day. The ones I have on in the photo are called the REVELER SLIM EVERSCROLL in black for $75.00.


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