Neutral Palette Look

I don’t know if you can tell by now, but a rose in my photos is definitely becoming my signature look. I feel so happy shooting with flowers (roses in particular) because not only do they smell like a dream, but they are just so stunning and flouncy looking. I feel like roses make my photos, haha.

I have been wearing many neutral articles of clothing recently. These colors make me feel put together, even when I am running out the door. I wanted to post about this sweater from because of how comfortable it is. When I first felt it, I thought it was the softest material ever. It has thicker material which I love in a sweater. Makes it feel like higher quality.

Simple accessories also give the illusion that you have taken your time getting ready, lol. Throw on a cabby hat and some jewelry! My hair was not even styled in the photos just to prove the outfit did all the talking!

Some other  keywords you can use when searching for a hat similar to the one I have on would be: newsboy, baker boy, fiddler cap, & fisherman cap.

If you’d like me to add details or dedicate an entire post to make-up looks and products used- let me know down below or send me a DM on instagram! I am always willing to out new post ideas to your liking!

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