Dior J’aDior Slingback Dupes

Dior J’aDior Slingback Dupes

Hey guys! Just wanted to post about something a little different today. Some of us love designer items, but can not be putting the money out for those products right now or just do not see the need to have shoes, purses, dresses, etc., that are expensive. To me, a designer item is something I would treasure. Right now I do not have the funds to be spending much on anything too pricey. That being said, is why I like to find products that look similar to what I am looking for but not a straight up replica. So many companies mimic designer items these days for those who want similar (or identical) products, but the beauty in it is the loyalty these high-end luxury brands have established with their clientele and the value their items hold. This is what draws me to luxury brands and business in general. Your business is only going to be as great as your customer’s experience. But that is a topic for another day ♡ I have been a’dior’ing the Dior J’aDior Slingbacks for so long now. They are just so elegant, but also fun with the super cute bow wrapped around the sling of the shoe. They are just a classic piece. But you may not be ready or willing to drop a good $890.00 on these beauties. Of course there are consignment shops selling them for “cheaper” but still for a high price.

I put together this blog to show some shoes that have an appearance similar to the J’aDior Slingbacks, but are different in their own way.

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J’aDior Slingbacks






Coletta Slingbacks

INC International Concept


These INC Coletta Slingback Pointed Toe Pumps at Macy’s are so cute! The fishnet-like pattern is so chic & different while being adorned with a cute black bow. These retail for $89.50, but are currently on sale for $43.93!

This heel reminds me of a similar version to the Dior J’aDior Slingback in there fishnet material.

– These polka dot mesh heels are the same brand as the fishnet heel above, however, I can’t seem to find these ones on the Macy’s website anymore –


Cora Slingback Pump

Linea Paolo


The Cora slingback by Linea Paolo is very classy but still has that cute accent bow. The two shown here are in black leather and black patent. They are a little pricier at $129.85.


Evita Court Slingback

Tony Bianco


The Evita Court slingbacks by Tony Bianco are also a little pricier at $169.95but have such beautiful & chic look to them. The side bow is darling! 


Naomi Slingback Sheer Pump



LifeStride’s Naomi Slingback Sheer Pumps look so similar! These are so pretty and at a great price point of $69.99



Maxine Point Toe Mule

Allegra James


Allegra Jame’s Maxine Point Toe Mule has similar fabric and look to the Ja’Dior, but in a mule style shoe. This mule prices at $134.95.



Thanks for reading! ♡ If you like this kind of post or have another designer shoe you’d like to see a look-a-like of- comment below!





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