Top 3 Favorite Balsam Fir Candles

Top 3 Favorite Balsam Fir Candles

Like fine wine, I feel pine is an acquired scent; one that you gradually learn to love as you mature. I disliked the smell of pine when I was younger & now I just want to smash my face in the candles because I can’t get enough, lol. The candles I am sharing today do have a sweet side to them, making them smell rich & delicious. If you can make a tree seem delicious- then you did your job right!

I am not a tree expert by any means, so I honestly do not know the scent differences between Pine trees and Firs (Balsam & Fraser). The candles I am mentioning today are called Balsam or Fraser, not Pine, but I am guessing they all have that familiar Christmas tree scent to them! I just wanted to mention this in case I happen to be wrong in what I am writing, scent wise- and if so, please leave me a comment!

Another reason I am so drawn to the smell of these evergreen candles is that it mimics a real Christmas tree  because I typically have an artificial one. I love going to the Christmas tree farms and cutting down a fresh tree with my family. The evergreen candles bring back those memories. But for our house, we just have our flocked, artificial tree & we love it. Going to the farm each year with family is still something I constantly look forward to, and I’m sure we will get a real one in the future for our own home. 

I hope this post can help you find a new favorite Balsam/Christmas tree candle to warm your home this winter ❄ or a friends home!- candles are great gifts!

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Frasier Fir by Woodwick 

This brand of candles already has a huge perk to them which keeps me coming back time & time again. When you light them, they crackle & flicker like a mini camp fire. Talk about relaxation. The candle wick is made of wood which creates a dreamy atmosphere. This fragrance truly captures the essence of fresh-cut fir on a crisp winter morning.


Frasier Fir by Thymes

I was once at Longwood Gardens (which is such a stunning garden and horticulture center) in southeast Pennsylvania and they had this brand in their store. I took pictures to remember the brand and the exact candle that I smelled which was the Frasier Fir. I was obsessed and knew I had to get it at some point. So now I wanted to share it because it is just that good.



Fresh Balsam by Bath Body Works

I always love a Bath & Body candle. I have so many favorites from them for all the seasons! B&B obviously has a huge selection of Christmas candles, one of them being Fresh Balsam! The 3-wick candles are currently on sale too- so these ones are definitely more budget friendly.



These little sticks smell so good. They are not a candle, but I decided to add them since they are still in this scent category. They are a dark green color which matches with your Christmas tree and dangles on the branches like an ornament. These Scentsicles liven up our tree and the entire room because of the fresh scent of balsam they give off. I only use two on my tree, and they were the same two that we used last year! So they truly do hold their scent if you store them properly. I could not recommend these more!


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