Autumn: Lookbook

Autumn: Lookbook

Fall has officially become my favorite time of year. Breaking out all my cozy jackets & sweaters along with all the new fall pieces in the stores gets me so excited. I am always looking forward to new prints, plaids, leather, tweed, and so much more. I love how, in the change of seasons, I get to experiment with colors I often do not wear, such as reds, oranges, & shades of green. I still wear my go-to colors like beige, brown, black, and white just because they are so easy to blend with patterns and colors.

My favorite accessories, not just during the fall, are a statement bag and a hat. I love hats, especially cabby hats or berets. They are just so chic and classic. To me, they complete an outfit. Statement bag just means purse; one that blends with your outfit or takes it to another level. You can look at a purse as an object that just holds all your clutter on the go or an item that is a part of your overall look. A good bag can complete your outfit. I had this brown leather Kate Spade which I actually found at a Thrift Shop! I love a good find. I have been using this bag religiously just because of its simple, yet classy appearance.

This season I wanted to try to play with textures and patterns more. I started picking up a preppy style, for this autumn, which will definitely be continuing into the winter! As you can see in my photos, I had a teddy bear jacket, a chunky knit sweater with balloon sleeves, a plaid skirt with a wrap around belt, sheer black polka dot stockings, and black leather pointed toe boots. If you were to see how I dressed for fall only a few years ago, it would have been drastically different. Of course I have more lackadaisical days, but even then, I try to present myself in a put together manner. Hope you enjoy these photos taken by my friend Katie VanHorn- she did such a wonderful job! Check her out on instagram @katievanhornphotography


Taken By: Katie VanHorn

I call this, waiting for my cab”



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