Golden Year

I had such an incredible birthday this year! It sort of turned into a birthday weekend and then birthday week, haha! But I enjoyed every second of it and the festivities that followed. I will be sharing my favorite photos from New York City next! But for now, here are some photos of the amazing cake my mom & sisters made! I was so pleased and could not stop taking photos of it! ♡ I love confetti cake with cream cheese icing. So so delicious.

I added a few blouses that resembled mine down below. I have been in love with frilly or dainty, sheer blouses with polka dots on them. I wore a black polka dot blouse to NYC that I absolutely love! Pearls have also been incorporated in so many different accessories and clothes recently. I love this pearl headband that is a minor touch but adds to the look in a fun and charming way. 


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