Our Wedding Venue: Greenville Country Club

Our Wedding Venue: Greenville Country Club

Greenville Country Club is a true hidden gem. It is very well known in its area, but is still tucked away, down hilly roads, passed cobble stone houses, surrounded by the lush greenery of trees, with the sounds of birds chirping and the [history]  that it holds.

I was definitely amazed the first time going to this beautiful DuPont Estate. It had so much to offer.  The elegance in the woodwork and rooms ridden with picturesque antiques. The gardens full of fresh new blossoms swaying in the soft breeze. Loose petals in the newly bloomed trees flowing in the wind, loosing petals, and creating an illusion of a whirlwind in a snow globe. The sounds of chatter and clanking back in the kitchen giving you a sense of nostalgia of how it was back in the early 1900s. I love old buildings with rich history and stories. The stunning foyer with a huge fireplace is the first room you enter when coming into the venue.  This is the home of the table that was actually there when President Roosevelt visited the estate for a wedding.

The people were an absolute joy to work with. My wedding coordinator, Linda Gaynor, was so amazing. She, unfortunately, is no longer at this venue, but I know she touched the lives of so many brides, grooms, and families as she did with us. I could not have been more thankful to have her and all her advice for my wedding day and leading up to it.  Every experience I had with anyone who worked there proved them to be sweet, welcoming, informative, and helpful.  I was consistently grateful that this was the place we chose.

I had the opportunity to see this venue in practically every season and weather condition, lol. First time I visited, it was a legit blizzard… took us forever to drive home, but our time spent there was so peaceful and magical. Watching the snowfall out of each window and glass door was something out of a movie. Felt like I was in a storybook. I could have sat there all day watching the snowflakes come down. We saw it in the spring time which also happened to be the season of our wedding and one of my favorite times of the year (obviously because flowers start to bloom). The venue is over saturated with color and plants as the weather slowly begins to warm. I was at the venue when there were scattered rain storms all around the area. The wet stone walkways and the stream of water running down the windows, again, was so serene and beautiful (I’m sure at this point I sound like a broken record). I have even been there in a complete wind storm. Petals flying everywhere, the entire reception tent being hit by what seemed like a tornado with 25-28 mph winds. All this to say, I loved this place no matter what condition it was outside and it will forever have a place in my heart for creating some of the best memories I could have ever asked for.


Taken By: Devin Deanna

This photo reminds me of something straight out of a storybook 

Absolutely loved that pop of pink tree in the midst of all the green. This tree made everything so dreamy. The petals were falling down so gracefully in the breeze and left a layer of pretty pink petals on the ground. 

My version of Rapunzel’s tower

Wedding Day

Taken By: Julia Arceri 


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