My Dream Dress ♡ Bridals

My Dream Dress ♡ Bridals

I thought my dress deserved a post of its own because of how in love with it I was ♡ and still am of course…  

I always dreamed of the perfect dress & knowing myself, I had no idea how I was going to narrow it down to only one. I did not want to get two different kinds of dresses for the ceremony and rehearsal either since I knew I wanted to be in my absolute favorite all day. There are so many things I look for in a dress and the fact this was what I was going to wear for my wedding made it all the more stressful. When they say “you’ll know when you put on your dress”, you really will. I just felt it. I suddenly envisioned myself walking down the aisle, feeling my best self. I did not want to look any further! Even one of the very first dresses that I ever tried on, I loved– but I still wanted to keep looking. I did not get the same feelings I had towards the one I chose. My style definitely changed through the years- and that I knew just by looking at my old Pinterest boards. I knew I wanted the trumpet style and something timeless. The lace sleeves and the beaded detailing is what grabbed my attention so quickly. Plus it had the fitted, off the shoulder style similar to a boat neck. The color was ivory with a light gold satin hue underneath (almost like champagne) which gave it a little more of an antique flair. It was very romantic and fit my venue so well.  

These are my bridal shots that were taken on April 26th, 2019 at my venue. It was such a breath of fresh air to be able to take photos in some of my favorite areas of our venue without any major time frame. No one was really around and we were able to capture some beautiful images from the stunning rooms and the grounds of this estate. I love that Julia does this, as it is such a time saver and was a great time to get to know her before the wedding ♡ I added my absolute favorites to this post so it wouldn’t be really long- even though there will still be a lot, lol.


Wedding Dress: Morilee (Karlee, Style 8207)

Florist: RAM Floral

Photographer: Julia Arceri


The Bridal Suite

Loved my bridal shoot bouquet ♡ I was thrilled to have a bouquet before the wedding to be able to really enjoy the blooms and the aroma that they created together [wrote about this more here]

My earrings were my absolute favorite- you can kinda see them here 

Th Dining Room

This is probably one of my favorite rooms in the entire estate. The detailing in this room was absolutely breathtaking. The marble, gold rimmed mirror, the fireplaces beautiful floral carving. Just wow. 

I think drop veils are sooo stunning and mysterious. All veil styles give off that mysterious vibe which is what made me definitely want one. They are very elegant and, to me, finish the entire bridal look perfectly. My veil was cathedral length and had absolutely no detailing since I wanted to let my dress do all the talking ♡

This is one of my favorite images- so many details in one photo and there is something mysterious about it that I ♡. Those are the two major things that drew me to my photographer. The way she enhances detail and does not wash them out with over-saturated presets and how her work gives off such a moody vibe

The Foyer

This staircase could not have been more exquisite– the way my florist decorated it on the wedding day was magical… lush with greenery wrapped around the handrail and vases of candles all around the bottom half

This photo shows the train so beautifully. The lace was by far my favorite aspect of this dress 

The Tower

The Gardens





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