My Wedding Flowers

You can call me crazy for setting up an entire photo shoot in my bedroom for my wedding flowers (I promise you this wasn’t a séance)… I’m just that extra when it comes to flowers. Everyone knows that flowers are one of the simplest things I can be given that make me the happiest. My creativity blossoms with florals in my presence. I may even be a little obsessed with them ♡.

I knew when it came to my wedding flowers, it was going to be difficult. Everyone I talked to would ask me about different aspects of the wedding and all I would say was, “I just need to find an amazing florist because one of the highlights of my wedding for me will be my flowers”, lol!

I did just that & found an amazing florist! My wedding florist was the wonderful and talented RAM Floral (@ramfloral). If you live in the Delaware Valley tri-state area, check her out, because you will not be disappointed. Becky not only put me at ease, but also put me in my place when it came to flowers! She knew every single flowers name along with details about them when all I could describe to her was, “It has a long stem, and what looks like white flowers spraying off of it?”. I thought I would be difficult to work with, as well, because of how particular my color range was and how I had specific flowers in mind (which I did not know half the names of, lol). One thing I did know, roses and peonies would have to be incorporated.

Not only did Becky do an incredible job with my bouquet and centerpieces, but she added the most beautiful touches to all my décor that were left untouched. Candles, candles, and more candles made up most of my wedding and boy was I ecstatic… from the tall taper candles in brass holders to the geometric glass vases on each table…I felt as if I was walking around in an enchanted garden everywhere I went… oh wait, I actually was. She also made a stunning but more subtle version of my wedding bouquet for some bridal shots I had taken beforehand. I was thrilled to have that bouquet before the wedding just to be able to take in all the scents that it created along with admiring the beauty of it. We all know how fast wedding days go by & how hard it is to take in all the beauty that day holds, so we wanted to take as many photos as possible. I need more excuses to have Becky do more of her floral magic for me because I miss it so much. I will have the bridal shots with that bouquet up soon!

She even had the most beautiful opalescent flowers in the bunch that just shimmered from every angle, almost as if they were coated with fairy dust or something. I need to ask her what they are called, haha!

Nonetheless…It was pure magic… from the inside foyer to the gardens to the reception room. It was all a dream come true. 

She is truly talented and takes extreme pride in her work- which shows. She is so down to earth and genuine and will make sure you are thrilled with your florals on your wedding day! It was wonderful when you have people who help work your wedding day, creating a vision I have had for so long, remain friends with me, and Becky was one of them. This does happen to be one of the most important days of your life! It’s a blessing ♡ and I am so grateful for that. 

I will upload my photos once I get them to show the flowers on the wedding day ♡

Themes: romantic, garden, antique/vintage, classic, elegant 

Even my wedding ring is shaped like a wreath of leaves because I just love that floral/garden touch so much  ♡

My wedding perfume Chloé Eau de Parfum  that I am obsessed with! Not only is this bottle beautiful but the scent is so light and lovely. Fragrance Family: Flora Scent Type: Powdery Florals Key Notes: Peony, Rose, Honey, Cedarwood

I loved how the flowers complimented by wedding robe so well- I was obsessed with the entire weddings color scheme 

This is irrelevant to the post- but all of our french provincial furniture was the most gaudy color and we repainted it all this beautiful & light cream chiffon color with a chalk finish. May talk more about that in a home post!

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